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How to Use Smart Plugs to Save Electricity Bills on Homes and Offices in NSW

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How to Use Smart Plugs to Save Electricity Bills on Homes and Offices in NSW

Smart plugs are revolutionising the way we use electricity at home and in the office. In New South Wales (NSW), where electricity costs are high, smart plugs can help you save by reducing consumption. Here’s how you can use smart plugs to lower your electricity bills in NSW, whether you’re at home or in the office.

What are smart plugs?


Smart plugs are small devices you plug into your regular power points. You then plug your appliances into these smart plugs. They let you control the power to your devices with a smartphone app or voice assistant. This means you can turn devices on or off from anywhere, set schedules and monitor usage.

How They Work

Smart plugs connect to your Wi-Fi network so you can control them with your smartphone or other smart devices. Once connected you can use an app to manage your appliances, set schedules and monitor usage.


Benefits of Smart Plugs


Saving Energy

One of the biggest benefits of smart plugs is they save energy. Many devices use energy even when turned off. This is called “phantom load” or “standby power”. Smart plugs can cut off the power completely when the device is not in use and save you money.

Convenience and Automation

Smart plugs make life easier. You can set schedules for your devices to turn on or off at specific times so they only use power when you need them. For example, you can set your coffee maker to start brewing before you wake up or turn off your lights when you leave for work.


Smart plugs can make your home or office more secure. By setting random schedules for your lights or other devices, you can make it look like someone is home even when you’re away. This will deter burglars.

Easy to Install and Use

Smart plugs are easy to install and use. Just plug them into an existing power point, connect to your Wi-Fi and set up with a smartphone app. No complicated wiring or need to call an electrician.


Usages of Smart Plugs at Home


Managing Appliances

Most homes have several appliances that consume a lot of electricity. Smart plugs can help manage these appliances better. For example, you can use them to control your fridge, washing machine and dryer to only run during off-peak hours when electricity is cheaper.

Optimizing Lighting

Lighting can eat up a big chunk of your electricity bill. With smart plugs, you can control your lights remotely, set schedules and even use motion sensors to turn lights on or off automatically. This can help reduce energy waste in rooms that are not used often.

Reducing Phantom Loads

Many devices like TVs, gaming consoles and chargers use power even when they are turned off. Smart plugs can cut off power to these devices completely, eliminating phantom loads and reducing your overall energy consumption.

Usages of Smart Plugs the Office


Managing Office Equipment

In the office, many devices and equipment use electricity. Smart plugs can help you manage these devices better, to only be on when needed. For example, you can schedule printers, copiers and computers to turn off after office hours to reduce unnecessary power consumption.

Meeting Room Efficiency

Meeting rooms have multiple devices that are not always in use, like projectors, speakers and lights. By using smart plugs, you can automate these devices to turn off when the room is not in use, saving energy.

Controlling HVAC Systems

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are big contributors to electricity bills in offices. Smart plugs can be used to control portable HVAC units, to only run when needed. This can be very effective in reducing energy consumption in areas of the office that are not always occupied.

Selecting the Right Smart Plugs



When selecting smart plugs, make sure they are compatible with your existing smart home or office system. Most smart plugs work with major platforms like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit. Check compatibility before you buy.

Energy Monitoring

Some smart plugs have built-in energy monitoring features. These let you see how much power connected devices consume. This can help you see your energy usage patterns and find more ways to save.

Scheduling and Automation

Look for smart plugs with strong scheduling and automation features. This will allow you to create custom schedules and automate your devices for maximum savings and convenience.


Tips to Use Smart Plugs


Set Schedules for Daily Tasks

Set schedules for daily tasks like turning off lights, powering down computers and shutting off entertainment systems. So these devices don’t use power when not needed.

Use Energy Monitoring to Find Power Hogs

Use the energy monitoring feature of your smart plugs to find devices that consume a lot of power. Once you know which devices are power hungry, you can reduce their use or replace them with energy efficient ones.

Use Smart Plugs with Other Smart Devices

Smart plugs work with other smart home or office devices. For example, you can use them with smart thermostats, smart lighting systems and motion sensors to create a complete energy management system.


Common Challenges


Wi-Fi Connectivity

A common issue with smart plugs is Wi-Fi connectivity. To fix this, make sure your smart plugs are within range of your Wi-Fi router. You might also need a Wi-Fi extender.

Device Compatibility

While most smart plugs work with many devices, there can be exceptions. Always check the specs of both your smart plugs and the devices you want to use them with to avoid compatibility issues.

Managing Multiple Devices

If you have many smart plugs, managing them can get complicated. Use the grouping and scene feature in your smart plug app to simplify control and automation.


Success Stories from NSW


Residential Energy Savings

A family in Sydney used smart plugs to manage their home appliances and lights. By setting schedules and eliminating phantom loads, they saved 20% on their electricity bill over 6 months. They also found controlling devices remotely made their daily lives easier.

Office Efficiency

An office in Newcastle used smart plugs to control their office equipment and meeting room devices. They reduced their overall energy consumption by 15% and saved big. Automation also improved their efficiency as devices were always ready to use during work hours and powered down after.


The Future of Smart Plugs


Integration with Renewable Energy

As NSW invests more in renewable energy sources like solar and wind power, smart plugs will be crucial in managing energy use. By integrating smart plugs with renewable energy systems, you can make sure your devices are powered by clean energy and reduce your carbon footprint even more.

Smart Tech Evolution

Smart plugs will get even smarter with AI and machine learning. They will learn from your behaviour and make better decisions on energy use.




Smart plugs are a simple way to save on your electricity bill in your home or office in NSW. They give you control over power use and automation and eliminate phantom loads so you use energy more efficiently and save. As smart technology gets smarter, the savings and efficiency will only get better. Whether you want to save on household bills or office efficiency, smart plugs are the smart choice.