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How To Select the best Electricity Plans Melbourne

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In today’s era, we need electricity in our everyday tasks. That is why electricity bills can absorb a crucial part of your monthly budget. In a deregulated energy market like Melbourne, private players majorly control electricity prices. Hence, the prices also vary amongst them.

In this blog, we will advise you on how you can select the best electricity plans Melbourne as per your needs. This will aid you to make a well-informed decision. Following these steps will also reduce your electricity costs.

Evaluate your electricity usage

It starts by realising your consumption method. You can do this by reviewing your bills and studying the usage trends. You can check how much is your average monthly consumption, what are your peak working hours and more. This will allow you to understand the kind of pain that might suit you. The following key types of plans are available per various consumer needs.

  • Single/Flat Rate Plan : A single rate plan has a fixed rate for electricity usage. The same rates apply throughout the day or the time of the year. It will suit you if you have consistent energy needs all the time.
  • Time-of-Use (TOU) : As the name suggests, this plan has different rates according to the time the electricity is used. To elaborate more, peak hours will have higher rates, whereas off-peak hours will attract a lower tariff. If your usage is more during off-peak hours, this might be one of the best electricity plans Melbourne for you.
  • Controlled Load Plan : This plan provides a lesser electricity rate for high-energy appliances. Examples of such machines are underfloor heating and cooling systems, electric vehicle charging, hot water systems etc. These devices are individually metered on lower energy prices. Using such appliances in your home or business can be a good choice.
  • Green Energy Plan : This plan gets you electricity generated from renewable energy sources like wind, water and sun. This is carbon-neutral energy which means it has no carbon emissions. In today’s era of growing awareness of carbon-neutral energy, these plans are amongst the best electricity plans Melbourne has. Considering you are an individual or a business owner seeking to reduce your carbon emissions, this can be your choice.


Go through different plans

To get your best gas and electricity plans Melbourne, it is vital to see and compare plans from different service providers. It is a task to find a plan that favours your needs in the best possible manner. Hence, you can refer to a good comparison website for the same.

Analyse the rates offered

You must check the pricing structure offered by various service providers. Usage rates, supply charges, discounts or any additional charges are a few details you must examine. It would help if you also considered both short-term and long-term benefits that you might get from a particular provider. In some plans, you might get attractive discounts by some providers. These can be either for paying bills on time or for a direct debit. They may save you a good amount of money. Hence, you must consider them as well.

Check the terms and conditions precisely

It is significant to review the contract before making any commitments. Check if there is any kind of penalty applicable, minimum contract duration, exit fees and more. You must be sure that the plan suits you for both short and long term. There should not be any invisible charges or unnecessary fees that you are not aware of. Last moment surprises can be daunting at times.

Consult a specialist

We understand that going through such an extensive process can be challenging. With limited knowledge and time in hand, it can also get complicated for you to undergo it all. If you feel uncertain, take help from an expert who can guide you well. Connect Market is a good energy comparison website available for Aussies. They can provide you with personalized guidance according to your specific needs. They can advise you well for both your household or business requirements.

To conclude, choosing the best gas and electricity plans Melbourne needs careful examination of your own usage. This is followed by a thorough research of various plans and a consideration of your short and long-term goals. 

This will guide you to make an informed decision regarding your energy plans, aligning with your monetary and lifestyle goals. Don’t forget to analyse price structures, compare plans and check customer reviews before finalising a service provider. With some research and expert help from Connect Market, have an ideal plan to ensure that you have good energy services at great prices.