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If you’re in search for reliable and cheap electricity providers in Melbourne Victoria. We are here to help you find the perfect solution for your electricity and Gas needs. Simply Tell us your requirements, and we will provide all the information you need to make the best decision right here.

We help you  choose the best electricity and gas providers Melbourne Victoria for your home or Business. Simply enter your postcode, then tell us your requirements or call us.

How to Pick an Electricity and Gas Provider Melbourne VIC

Picking the suitable electricity providers can be a big task. You want an expert team there for you, giving service and assisting you to keep your bills down. We compare all top electricity providers Melbourne to see the best electricity deals available. Our focus is to give you excellent service and prices that make sense for your budget.

We compare different plans to fit what you need. We make it easy to find great plans and deals from different retailers. We try our best to give you great service and save you money. CONNECT MARKET helps you make clever choices and save on your electricity bills.

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Finding a good electricity provider is always difficult. Our specialists help you to make it easy to compare top energy dealers in Melbourne. We make a simple process to make sure you get the best plan with no problems.

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Lower Your Electricity Bills

Lower your electricity and Gas bills with Cheap electricity providers Melbourne. We will try hard to get an electricity plan that best suits your needs and is also low in price. We will try to save more money on your electricity bill without giving up on our customer service.

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We are a comparison company, and we offer a completely free service to our customers. We help you find the best electricity plan without any hidden charges or fees. Our main goal is your satisfaction and saving.

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Our Experts are always available for you, Don’t worry about your questions and doubts. We guide you from getting your connection to starting your service. We are here to help with free specialist guidance and provide one of Melbourne's best electricity plans.

Choosing the Right Electricity Provider Melbourne VIC with us

Choosing the right energy provider Melbourne has on offer can help you save a lot on your electricity bills every month. We know it’s not easy with so many choices out there. That’s why at Connect Market, we assist you in comparing multiple electricity providers Melbourne, looking at their plans, prices, reliability and what they offer.

We help you find providers with good payment options, fair prices, and great service. Remember, the cheapest option isn’t always the best one; it should also match what you need and fit into your budget well. With us, you’re not just choosing an electricity provider; you’re selecting savings and peace of mind, knowing you made the right choice.

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Why Compare Electricity and Gas Plans in Melbourne?

Let’s say that your present electricity provider doesn’t offer any discounts or cheap hourly rates. So, now is the best time to compare. For people who use electricity and gas in Melbourne, It is one of the most competitive markets in Australia, and there are many choices.

If you have a smart meter at home, you’re one step closer to saving a lot on your electricity bills. This is especially helpful for people who work from home. This is possible with a time-of-use (TOU) tariff, which many electricity  and gas providers in Melbourne offer. With a TOU tariff, electricity rates change throughout the day so that you can save more during off-peak hours.

If you live in Melbourne and last looked at your electricity plan a while ago, you might be missing out on new, cheaper choices. You might not have noticed that your present provider no longer provides discounts. A quick comparison of the electricity deals you can choose from now can help you find new discounts if you decide to switch.

It is beneficial to start looking for a plan that fits your usage and doesn’t empty your wallet. Use our easy electricity and gas comparison service today to find the best deals from the best electricity providers in Melbourne that could help you save money on your electricity bills.

Compare Energy Providers With Connect Market

Melbourne people’s top choice for comparing Melbourne electricity deals in Connect Market! We’re here to help you save money and find the best plan for your home and Business. Every electricity provider has to share their plans publicly, and we gather all this info to share with you — for free!With Connect Market, finding the best electricity deals is easy and quick. Just give us your postcode and a few basic details. Our team of experts will look over your needs and help you find a trusted and affordable electricity provider in Melbourne. Get a free quote now and see how much you can save on your electricity plan!

How Our Platform Work

Our platform has different energy providers in Melbourne from which to choose different plans and deals. All you have to do is share your energy bill with us, and we will compare electricity and gas. Just follow three easy steps, and we’ll find you the ideal match according to your specific needs.

  • Share your electricity and gas usage 
  • We match you with a suitable provider
  • Finalise the plan and connect with your new provider
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We find you best plan
We get you a vetted energy provider to match your needs
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Finalise the plan and get connected with the supplier

About Melbourne VIC Electricity Providers

In Melbourne, the electricity distribution grid is managed by five distributors: Citipower, Jemena, Powercor Australia, AusNet Services, and United Energy. Electricity pricing in Victoria can change regularly. It’s a very competitive market. The Victorian government also designed the Victorian default offer VDO to give fair and cheap price options for consumers.

There are various electricity providers in Melbourne, and all of them offer various plans with different elements and pricing.

Here are some of providers: Pacific Blue, OVO Energy, Simply Energy, CovaU, GloBird Energy, Dodo, Red Energy, Kogan Energy.

In overview, the electricity market in Melbourne and VIC offers a mixed range of providers and plans, with essential parties dominating the market but ton of options available for consumers to find a plan that best suits their needs.

Most Asked Questions

There is a wide range of plans and deals provided by retailers. Types of plans include Fixed Rate Plans, Variable Rate Plans, prepaid plans, bundled plans, etc..

Most retailers charge their bills monthly or quarterly, with different payment options: live direct debit, online payment, etc.

Most victorian energy providers have in-person support and online support. Some of them do have 24/7 customer service.

Yes, many energy providers offer green energy options to meet the demand. This might cost extra.

Yes, most companies charge additional fees in connection fees, Disconnections, late payment fees, daily supply charges, etc.

Yes, you can change your electricity provider to a different one if you get a better deal, but make sure you check your contract before switching.

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How to Get The Best Electricity Deals

Saving on your electricity bills via discounts is more difficult than before. Since the industry remodelling in July 2019, many companies in Melbourne, Victoria, have stopped offering big discounts, focusing more on giving lower initial rates to avoid the hassle of missed discounts. Yet, timely and direct debit payments might still get you some discounts or bill credits.

Normally, these discounts are spread to both your usage and service fees, but they might end after a year or two. If you opt for a discounted plan, make sure to review your electricity plan when the discount period ends to keep enjoying savings.

Before You Start Using Their Service Questions, To Ask An Electricity Retailer

When looking for an electricity retailer, here are some key questions we should ask:

  • How are their electricity bills priced? What are the fixed rates, variable rates, or day usage rates?
  • Are there any other fees like connection, disconnection, or late payment fees?
  • What type of contract do they have, like long-term or short-term? Is there any exit fee?
  • What are the discounts and offers they have, like sign-up and pay-on-time discounts?
  • What type of payment options do they have, like direct debit or online billing?
  • Do you guys provide customer service, and is there any in-person or online support available?
  • Is there any cooling-off time in case I change my mind?
What are the special offers and plans for the new electricity connection in Melbourne?

Electricity retailers in Melbourne have many special offers to attract new customers. Some companies give discount coupons on movie and theme park tickets, among other things. Some companies give you a small amount of money off your first bill, like $50 or $100, if you sign up through their website. Some companies try to attract people by offering deals related to their hobbies, such as going to the movies or sponsoring a sports team.

Even though these deals might seem great, it is important to not only choose based on them. It would help if you decided based on how much the company charges for using and supplying electricity and how much your bill will be every month or every three months. 

However, these special offers can be helpful when comparing very similar companies.

Cheapest Electricity / Energy Providers in Victoria

At Connect Market, we help you compare costs from different electricity retailers in Melbourne. We show you the cheapest options and the real prices you can expect to pay, with no schemes involved.

People like paying more for electricity bills than is necessary. However, without the right knowledge on finding the right energy deals, you might get a higher electricity bill. Knowing how the pricing works and the discounts available can help you find the best deal. It might sound tough, but we are here to help you.

The energy market in Melbourne is highly competitive, and it can be hard to figure out the best deals available. We’ve done the hard work for you, studying data to show you where to find the most reasonable electricity rates in Melbourne, VIC, especially for homes. Remember that there are five electricity distribution networks in Victoria, and prices might change based on your location.

Customers' Feedback
Gerald Edmunds
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Connect Market expert gave me a great deal on my new energy connection. I Got a monthly $100+ Discount, and the switching process was seamless. Thanks to Nick from Connect Market, He understood my bills and gave me a perfect solution. Highly Recommended the company.
Melissa Ware
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I was new to Melbourne and didn’t know which service to choose. A friend recommended Connect Market (He has used it for the last 12 months), and I am thankful for the advice. Great single-rate tariffs, reliable service, and friendly customer service won me over. They have made settling into a new city a bit easier!
Jordan Coulter
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Absolutely star service from the electricity providers here in Melbourne! They’ve got great rates, and their customer service is always ready to help with any questions I have. I’ve saved a notable amount on my bills since making the switch. Connect Market makes the process simple and easy. Great electricity providers in Victoria.