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Understanding the electricity market in Brisbane can be complex, but our expert comparison service simplifies the process. Whether you want a new connection or looking for a more competitive deal, we streamline the entire process. We make it easy and quick to pick the right plan, so you can save money and get exactly what you need.

What to Look for in Electricity Plans in Brisbane

When picking an electricity plan in Brisbane, think about a few important things to get the best one for you.

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Understanding Your Electricity Use

When picking an electricity plan, you need to know how much electricity you use. There are two kinds of plans. One kind has a price that doesn't change (fixed), and the other kind has prices that can go up or down (variable). Check how much each company charges for the electricity you use every hour to find the best plan for you.

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What You Get From Each Plan

Consider the extra benefits each plan offers. If you like helping the environment, pick a plan that supports green energy. Check how long you have to stick with the plan and if there are extra fees for leaving the plan early. Also, see if there are special deals, like lower prices if you pay early. It might save you money if you get your electricity, gas, and internet from the same company.

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Extra Costs and Charges

When you pick an electricity plan, there might be some extra costs. You might have to pay a little bit every day just for having electricity. Also, there could be fees when you first sign up or if you decide to switch to a different company. It's a good idea to ask other people what they think about the company to make sure they are fair and honest.

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Customer Support

When picking an electricity plan, check if the company has nice and helpful customer service. You can look online to see what other people say about how they help. Good companies should be easy to talk to on the phone, by email, or on their website chat. They should also let you easily check your account online. Good customer service is important because it helps solve problems, gives you information, and makes things easier.

Why People Trust us to Select Electricity Providers in Brisbane

Want to save big on your electricity bills? Picking the right electricity provider Brisbane offers can make a huge difference. With so many options, it can be complicated to choose the right one. But don’t worry! At Connect Market, we simplify things for you. We compare different electricity providers Brisbane showcases, considering their plans, costs, and reliability.

We guide you to providers that have easy payment methods, honest prices, and excellent service. And remember, it’s not just about the lowest price – it’s about getting value that suits your needs and budget. With us, you’re not just picking a provider; you’re choosing bigger savings and the comfort of knowing you’ve made the best decision.

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Why Compare Electricity Plans in Brisbane?

If you haven’t checked electricity or gas prices in Brisbane recently, you might be spending more than you need to. Here’s why you should compare energy providers in QLD:

The best way to find a good and cheaper energy plan is to compare different plans from different electricity retailers in your area and pick the best deal that fulfils your needs.

How Do We Work to Compare Electricity and Gas in Brisbane

Selecting the right energy plan can be a bit tricky. Here’s how we make it easier:

  1. Share Your Energy Needs: Tell us how much energy you use. Let us know if you are looking for a new plan or want to change your current one. Also, tell us where you live, if it’s your home or a business, and if you want extra service like rooftop solar panels.
  2. Find the Right Provider: With the details you give us, we will help you find an electricity provider that fits what you need. This helps make sure you get the ideal plan for your energy use and budget.
  3. Finalise and Connect: Look at the plan we find for you, including the prices and rules. If you like it, let us know and we’ll help you start with the new electricity provider.

Top Electricity Providers in Brisbane

Red Energy

Red Energy is a company in Australia that helps people use clean energy from nature to power their homes. They work in places like New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, and the Australian Capital Territory.

They have different plans for electricity:

  1. Living Energy Saver: This plan is cheaper, doesn’t require a long-term commitment, and includes a rewards program.
  2. Qantas Red Saver: Similar to Living Energy Saver, but you also earn points for Qantas airlines that can be used for flight tickets.
  3. Red EV Saver: Great for electric car owners because it lets them charge their cars for free during certain times.
  4. Red Taronga Flex: Gives new customers free entry to Taronga Zoo for a year.
  5. Red Solar Saver: If you have solar panels at home, this plan rewards you for the energy they produce.

Some special things about Red Energy:

  • They use clean, green power.
  • They offer rewards and partnerships with companies like Qantas and Taronga Zoo.
  • If you’re not happy with your plan, you can switch to a new one without any extra cost.

2. BlueNRG 

BlueNRG provides electricity to households and commercial customers in New South Wales, Victoria, and South Australia. 

  • Different Plans: You can select a fixed price plan where the price of electricity is constant or, you can select the variable price plan where the cost of the electricity changes based on the amount of electricity you use. 
  • Green Energy: They present affordable tariffs, which include power from the sun and wind so as to sustain the natural environment. 
  • Business Plans: They offer their special electricity plans to commercial businesses regardless of their size.

Special Offers: 

  • Sign-Up Gifts: You may receive a gift or a discount when you first sign up for a new account with the company. 
  • Referral Program: If someone signed up because you refer them to it then they give you some rewards for it. 
  • Seasonal Sales: They give sure shot prices and offers at various points of time in the year.

3. Simply Energy by ENGIE

Simply Energy, part of the larger company ENGIE, usually has reasonable electricity prices in Australia. Here are some things they offer:

  • Fixed and Variable Plans: You can choose between a plan where the price stays the same (fixed) or changes (variable).
  • Bundling Discounts: If you get both electricity and gas from them, they give you a better deal.
  • Green Energy: They offer plans that use energy from the sun and wind.

Special Offers:

  • New Customer Deals: They have special deals for people who are using their service for the first time.
  • Loyalty Rewards: They give discounts to customers who stay with them for a long time.
  • Seasonal Deals: Sometimes, they have special prices for certain times of the year.

4. Energy Locals 

Energy Locals is a company that makes using electricity easy and not stressful. They offer different plans and you don’t have to stick to a plan for a whole year, so if you don’t like it, you can change it.

  • Subscription Plans: You pay once a month and then you don’t have to worry about extra costs.
  • Green Energy Plans: These plans use clean energy from the sun and wind.
  • Flexible Plans: You can change your plan whenever you need to, based on what you want later on.

Special Deals:

  • Community Programs: If you join programs that help the community, you can get some special benefits.
  • Referral Rewards: If you tell a friend about them and they sign up, you get a small gift.
  • Introductory Offers: New customers get a special price at the start. 

5. ActewAGL 

ActewAGL is a large Australian Company of electricity supply. They partner with AGL and Icon Water to ensure people have good energy. 

  • The One Plan: The rates and rewards of this plan are moderate and good for customers. 
  • Fixed and Variable Rate Plans: There are fixed prices and there may also be fluctuating prices based on the events in a particular market. 
  • GreenPower Plans: These plans use energy from the sun and wind which is beneficial to our planet. 

Special Deals:

  • Bundling Discount: If you use both their electricity and gas service from them they give you a special discount.
  • Rewards Program: They offer discounts if you stay with them for a long time.
  • Seasonal Deals: Sometimes, they have special deals during certain parts of the year.

Latest Trends in Brisbane Electricity Costs

Changes in Prices:

  • From 2019 to 2021, the cost of electricity in Brisbane went down because it was cheaper to make electricity and there was plenty of it. 
  • But after 2021, the prices started to go up again. This happened because more people needed electricity and there were big problems like the COVID-19 pandemic and a war between Russia and Ukraine.

Prices in 2024:

  • In 2024, families in Brisbane are expected to spend about AUD 1,827 a year on electricity. 
  • This is more than before because it costs more to make electricity now and there are new rules about how much it should cost.

Why Prices Change So Much:

  • Electricity prices can change a lot, especially when a lot of people need it during very hot or very cold weather. 
  • For example, in early 2024, when it was really hot and humid, a lot of people used electricity, and that made the prices go up by 20-30%. 
  • At one point, the demand for electricity in Queensland reached a record high because it was so hot.

Rules and Costs:

  • From 2019 to 2021, it was cheaper to get electricity because the systems for supplying it got better. 
  • There is also a rule called the default market offer (DMO) that helps keep prices fair, especially for people who don’t choose a special plan.

Understanding Wholesale Market Trends:

  • The price of electricity can go up and down a lot. It depends on how easy it is to get renewable energy like solar or wind and how the prices of oil and gas are changing around the world. 
  • In early 2024, the price for a big amount of electricity in Queensland was AUD 137 for each megawatt-hour.
Electricity Prices in Brisbane
Electricity Costs Over The Last Five Years in Brisbane

Effective Ways to Save on Electricity

Commonly Asked Questions

To find the best electricity provider in Brisbane, you can use online tools that compare different providers. You just need to tell these tools how much electricity you usually use, and they will show you a list of companies with their prices, what they offer, and what other people think about them. This way, you can see which one might be the best for you.

When picking an cheap electricity providers Brisbane, think about these things:

  • How much they charge for each unit of electricity.
  • Any daily fees they might have.
  • The terms of the contract and any fees for leaving early.
  • Look for discounts, how good their customer service is, if they offer green energy, and if they have special plans that could save you money based on when you use electricity.

Time-of-use tariffs mean that the price of electricity changes depending on what time it is. During busy times, it costs more, and during quiet times, it costs less. This lets you save money if you use electricity when it’s cheaper.

Yes, you can get discounts on your electricity bill in Brisbane. Some companies give discounts if you pay through direct bank payments or get your bills online. Some might even give you a little bonus when you sign up or if you stay with them for a long time.

To switch your electricity provider, first use a website that compares different plans to see which one is the best. Then, sign up with the new company you choose. And they will take care of changing everything from your old provider. Just make sure you know if there are any fees for leaving your old provider before you switch.

A Default Market Offer (DMO) is like a price limit set by the government on how much your electricity can cost if you don’t pick a special plan from a company. It makes sure you don’t pay too much for your electricity.

To check if an electricity provider is reliable, you can look at what other people have said about them online. Places like Google or Product Review will show you reviews. Look for their customer service, how they explain bills, and if people are happy with them. Also, make sure they have a license from the Australian Energy Regulator.

Peak times for using electricity are usually from late afternoon to evening. Like from 4 PM to 9 PM, when electricity costs more because a lot of people are using it. Off-peak times are late at night to early morning. Like from 10 PM to 7 AM, when it costs less. Shoulder times are the times in between. Different companies might have different times for these, so it’s good to check.

Yes, in Brisbane, you can pick a special electricity plan that uses energy from things like the sun and wind. Look for plans called “GreenPower” if you want to use more clean energy.

If you have a problem with your electricity company, first try to talk to them to solve it. If it doesn’t get better, you can tell the Energy and Water Ombudsman Queensland (EWOQ) about your problem, and they will help you fix it.

In Queensland, the companies that sell electricity decide how much to charge. But they have to follow special rules to make sure they don’t ask for too much money. These rules are made by a group called the Australian Energy Regulator.

A smart meter shows how much electricity you use as you use it. This helps you see how to use less electricity and save money. It also makes sure your electricity bill is just right, and you can pay less if you use electricity when it’s cheaper.

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I’ve dealt with a few different energy companies in Brisbane, but none of them have been as good as this one. The clear bills and friendly reminders make it much easier for me to keep track of my household costs. I really like how Connect Market tries to keep things open and honest.
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I switched to a new energy provider in Brisbane about six months ago and haven’t looked back since. The switch was easy, and I could immediately see the savings on my monthly bill. The people on their team are very skilled and always ready to help. This great deal comes from Connect Market.
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Their service made it too easy to find a cheaper electricity plan. I saved a lot of money and the whole process was really simple. The people who helped me were very good and everything worked quickly.
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I used this company to change my energy provider because of too high rates. And since then I have saved a lot of money on my electricity bills. The website was easy to use and told me all about the best deals. This service is very helpful if you want to save money on energy.
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I used a special tool that helps find cheaper energy plans. It was very easy to use, and now I save a lot of money on my electricity bills. It made everything simple and quick. I think everyone should try it because it’s a great way to pay less for energy.
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The service was helpful for me. It quickly showed me the best choices for my energy, and switching to a new provider was very easy. Now, I save money every month on my electricity. This service is great for anyone who wants to spend less on energy.

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