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The services are available in NSW, ACT, SA, VIC, parts of QLD, TAS & WA (only Gas). Unfortunately, Unfortunately, they are not available in  Ergon Area (QLD), NT and embedded networks or non-quotable meters.

We compare electricity and gas plans to provide you with amazing benefits

There are a lot of energy retailers in the market. Each one of them has a variety of electricity and gas plans. As an energy customer, it is very difficult for you to find a plan in this big pool that serves you well. Hence, you need to simply contact us and enjoy the following advantages from our services.

Hassle Free

Save on Energy bills

We don’t want you to spend more money on your energy consumption every month. Hence, we offer our energy price comparison services to you. You simply need to share your energy consumption details with us and get a right-fit plan in accordance with your needs. If you are an existing energy user, feel free to shift to a better plan. And, if you are already an existing customer, save yourself from all the scrolling and get a good energy plan with us.

Our Specialists

Our energy specialists compare gas and electricity providers available in the market. They also compare energy plans according to your needs. Our team of experts carefully examines your electricity usage and understands your requirements as a result. You will find that going through numerous plans on your own is very difficult. Hence, we along with our team of specialists take that pain on your behalf. In return, we get you a plan that best matches your needs. Contact us now to get your best plan.

Expert Energy Bills

Free Service

Yes, you read that right! We offer you our services for free without charging you a single penny. On top of that our team is always ready to assist you with all your energy related queries. We just want to get you a type of plan that can meet all your needs efficiently. Once you finalise your plan with the selected energy provider, you only need to pay for your energy services according to the bill. No need to wait anymore, get in touch with us now.

Energy Made Easy

Today’s energy market is filled with a variety of options for gas and electricity plans. You will find it very challenging to select a plan that best fulfils all your energy needs. We at Connect Market have a large database and a dedicated team to analyse it, with us. Hence, we make several comparisons on your behalf and get you a fitting plan which can serve your needs well. Compare gas and electricity options with us now and enjoy a plan to put you at ease.

Who can compare gas and electricity plans with us

Our services are open to everyone who is looking for a suitable energy plan for themselves. You might want to switch from your current plan or have recently moved in and looking for a new plan. Or else, you might be a household or a small business owner. We simply need a few details from you to compare electricity and gas options floating in the market.

compare gas and electricity plans

States and territories in which you can compare gas and electricity prices

compare gas and electricity prices

The Australian energy market works differently in various geographic locations. Different areas have different rules and regulations. Broadly speaking, the market is divided into two, which are regulated and deregulated markets. 

Regulated markets have centralised systems and there is monopoly in these areas. They have zero to highly limited customer choices. Since prices and plans are fixed, there is no scope to compare electricity and gas plans in these areas. 

On the other hand, deregulated markets have several energy players. It allows competition amongst different service providers. It also increases the scope of better services and regulates the prices in a competitive manner. Consequently, there are a lot of plans hovering in the market. It becomes difficult for the consumer to select the best one for them. 

This is where we at Connect Market act as a bridge between you and the market. As a consumer, this helps you to gain the maximum from this system. You can take our help right away, if you are in one of the following places.

  • New South Wales (NSW)
  • Victoria (VIC)
  • Queensland (QLD)
  • Australian Capital Territory (ACT)
  • Tasmania
  • South Australia (SA)

How do we work?

At Connect Market, we work with multiple gas and electricity providers. We align you with the best energy provider according to your requirements in three simple steps.

Best energy plans

Familiarise us with your energy needs

cheap energy providers in the city

We get you a vetted energy provider to match your needs

Finalise energy provider plans

Finalise the plan and get connected with the supplier


Enjoy Electricity Discounts

Discounts are a reduction in your standard electricity cost. They are applied in your bill at the end of each billing cycle. They come in many different forms like fixed amount discounts, bundled discounts, percentage discounts and many more. 

The type of discount you will be provided will depend on where you live, your energy provider, policies of your state etc. We compare electricity plans available in the market to get you good discounts. Some common discounts you will see in the energy market are:

Prompt Payment Discounts

These discounts are also called ‘Pay On Time’ discounts. As the name suggests, they are offered to the customers who pay their electricity bills before or till their due date. It can either be a percentage of the total bill or a fixed amount every month. Since we know that Aussies love discounts on everything, you can take advantage of these options by simply being punctual with your payments.

Direct Debit Discounts

In Direct Debit, the service provider directly debits your registered card to take their payment. At your end, you set up your chosen bank account or card for automatic payments of your bills. It is to be taken into account that most direct debit discounts apply for a limited time period which is called benefit period. Post that your regular bill is charged unless you compare electricity options again and negotiate further.

Double Up Energy Discounts

It is a well-known fact that one tends to get better deals when one opts for more. Double Up simply means getting your gas and electricity from the same provider. If you need both these services, it is possible to get the best deal from this discount. At Connect Market, we usually go for both electricity and gas comparison from a common company to get you a good deal.

Introductory Discounts

These discounts are often given to attract new customers. As the name suggests, they are given during the introductory period, which is for an initial few months or a couple of years. Post that they are withdrawn and you are needed to pay the regular bill that is generated. They are also termed as ‘guaranteed discounts’ as they are implemented for the fixed duration without any factors affecting them.

E-Mail Billing Discounts

Saving paper is crucial. And people are understanding its importance worldwide. Individuals and companies these days put strenuous efforts towards saving paper and going digital. This now goes up to a point that companies provide discounts, if you go for digital bills. And, this is called ‘E-Mail Billing Discounts’. Benefit yourself by simply having your bill mailed to your inbox instead of your postal address.

Frequently Asked Questions

Theoretically, there are two ways to become carbon neutral. One is by generating zero-carbon emissions. Second is offsetting your carbon emissions by investing in environmentally sustainable projects. 

The first one is impossible to apply as we tend to generate carbon emissions in the slightest of activities we do nowadays. This involves doing laundry in the washing machine, watching TV, commuting either by public or private transport and many more day-to-day activities.

Though, offsetting your carbon footprints is a feasible approach to become carbon neutral. This can be done by purchasing carbon offsets from the organisations that support carbon reduction or elimination projects. These institutions are involved in projects like reforestation, waste management, water management, energy generation from renewable sources and more.

It is important to note that carbon offsetting should be used only to naturalise emissions that are unavoidable. Any individual or organisation should first aim to reduce their own carbon footprints to the maximum possible extent. Going carbon neutral may take time and effort. But it is an important step to address climate change.

Connect Market is a one-stop shop for all your energy needs. We take in your energy usage details. You can easily share these details on our website. If you are not an active digital user, you can also call us to share your particulars.

We have our team of experts who can take the required details from you. Our customer service team is very professional and friendly. They can guide you well for all your energy related needs.

Then, our specialists compare gas and electricity plans available in the market to match your usage efficiently. We share this plan with you. Once you finalise the plan, you get connected with the service provider to start with the services.

The rate at which electricity is sold to the customers is called ‘tariff’. There are several kinds of tariffs in the market. We at Connect Market compare gas and electricity rates to get you the best plan with a suitable tariff. Some of the commonly used tariffs by energy providers are listed as follows.

  • Simple Tariff
  • Flat/Fixed Rate Tariff
  • Time of Use Tariff
  • Controlled Load Tariff
  • Solar Feed-In Tariff
  • Block Rate Tariff

Smart grid is a network that supplies electricity by using digital communications technology to analyse the local changes in the usage and act accordingly. Smart grids benefit both electricity providers and consumers in several ways.

  • Increased dependability – With the use of digital technology, smart grids can monitor the electricity grid in real time. It helps them determine and prevent outages in advance. Hence, the reliability on the grid increases as they reduce the downtime for consumers.
  • Enhanced efficiency – Smart grids can optimise energy consumption by the use of sensors and computerised controls to manage energy flows. It helps in reducing waste which also lowers energy costs for consumers.
  • Increases flexibility – With smart grids, consumers can easily adjust their energy usage according to the changes in demand or pricing. This way they facilitate more flexible energy management. 
  • Combining renewable energy – Smart grids can help to assimilate renewable energy sources such as solar and wind energy into the electricity grid more efficiently. This also helps in decreasing greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Upgraded data collection and analysis – Smart grids can get more detailed data on energy usage and grid performance. It makes it easier to identify areas for improvement and enhance energy management strategies.

Altogether, smart grids offer reliability and feasibility. When consumers compare electricity options in the areas of smart grid, they get better plans and sustainable energy solutions.

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Mark Phen
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Recently I used them to compare my gas bill . I found them really helpful and answered all my queries and suggested a good plan.
Glen Clout
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My electricity bill is too high and when I called them they helped me to switch to a new provider who is slightly better in price.
Karthi K
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I used them to get a new electricity , gas and internet connection at my new home . very fast and easy process with good service.