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Why Choose ConnectMarket® To Compare Electricity and Gas Plans?

We help people in Australia find the best electricity and gas plans that fit what they need. There are lots of different plans out there, but we make finding the right one easy and fast.

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You just tell us some details about your electricity and gas use, which takes less than two minutes. Then, we look through all the plans and show you the best ones. You don't have to do the tough work, we do it for you.

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We have experts who know a lot about saving money on energy. They compare different plans to find the one that saves you the most money.

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Our friendly team is always ready to connect you. They will help you understand the plans and find one that fits your budget and needs.

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Our help is totally free. We listen to what you need and then we suggest the best options for you. Our main aim is to make you happy without costing you any money, helping you compare gas and electricity plans.

How do we work?

At ConnectMarket, we help you find a reliable gas and electricity provider. Here’s how we do it in three easy steps to compare electricity and gas plans:

Best energy plans

Tell us what you need.

We find you best plan

We find the most suitable electricity and gas provider company that fits your needs.

Finalise provider

Choose your plan and get connected with the supplier.


Why Should You Compare Electricity and Gas Plans?

Who can compare gas and electricity plans with us

Our services are open to everyone who is looking for a suitable energy plan for themselves. You might want to switch from your current plan or have recently moved in and looking for a new plan. Or else, you might be a household or a small business owner.

compare gas and electricity plans

Things to Keep in Mind When Comparing Electricity and Gas Rates in Australia

When choosing a gas and electricity plan in Australia, you want to find the best deal to save money. Here’s what to look at:

  1. Know Your Usage

    Check your old electricity bills to see how much electricity you use and when you use it. Some plans are cheaper if you use electricity at certain times of the day.
  1. Types of Plans

    There are different kinds of electricity and gas plans. Some have a fixed rate, meaning the price stays the same for a set time. Others have a variable rate, which can go up or down with the market. Fixed rates are stable, but you might miss out on lower prices. Variable rates can save you money when prices drop but can be risky if prices go up. Knowing the types helps you to compare gas plans and electricity plans.
  1. Charges

    Look at the different charges in the plan. There’s a daily supply charge just for being connected to electricity and a usage charge for how much electricity you use. Watch out for extra fees like if you pay late or use a credit card.
  1. Green Power Options

    If you care about the environment, look for plans that use renewable resources, like solar or wind. Some plans are called “GreenPower,” meaning part of your electricity comes from these green sources.
  1. Discounts and Promotions

    Look for special deals like discounts if you pay on time or set up automatic payments. Make sure these deals actually save you money and don’t have higher regular prices.
  1. Contract Terms

    Check how long the contract lasts and the rules. Some contracts lock you in for a certain time and charge a fee if you leave early. Others are more flexible and let you leave anytime. Pick what works best for your plans.

By thinking about these things, you can understand electricity rates in Australia better and choose a plan that works best for you and your family.

Average Price of Electricity and Gas in Australia in Last 5 Years

Here are the average electricity and gas prices in Australia over the last five years:

Electricity Prices (AUD per MWh)

  • 2019: 100 AUD/MWh
  • 2020: 95 AUD/MWh
  • 2021: 110 AUD/MWh
  • 2022: 120 AUD/MWh
  • 2023: 145 AUD/MWh

Gas Prices (AUD per GJ)

  • 2019: 8 AUD/GJ
  • 2020: 9 AUD/GJ
  • 2021: 10 AUD/GJ
  • 2022: 12 AUD/GJ
  • 2023: 12 AUD/GJ
Average Electricity & Gas Prices In Australia
Graphical Representation of Average Electricity & Gas Prices In Australia

FAQs for Compare Plans

Look at your past electricity bills to see how much you usually use. Depending on where you live, different energy retailers may offer various plans. Check out different companies and compare their prices, the types of plans they offer (like fixed price or changing price), and if they have any special deals. You can use websites that show you different plans side by side to make it easier to decide.

You can pay for your electricity or gas in a few different ways like:

  • Setting up automatic payments from your bank account.
  • Using online payment systems like BPAY or PayPal.
  • Paying with a credit card.
  • Going to a place like Australia Post to pay in person.

To see if you can get a discount:

  • Look on the website for the place where you live, like your state or territory.
  • You might have to fill out a form and show a concession card to prove you can get the discount.
  • You can send this form either through the website or by giving it to the company that gives you electricity.

You can get your electricity bill every month or every three months. You can choose how often you want to get it. You can get your bill electronically or via mail.

Consider how much energy you use, the type of plan you want, and the charge involved. If you care about the environment, look for plans that use green energy. Also, think about the contract’s length and if there are exit fees for leaving the plan early.

Fixed-rate plans keep the same price for a while, so you always know what you will pay, which helps with planning your money. Variable-rate plans can change prices based on what’s happening in the market, which might save you money sometimes but could also cost more at other times.

Think about how much energy you use, your budget, and whether you prefer knowing your costs will stay the same or if you are okay with them changing. Check if the plan uses green energy if that’s important to you. Also, look for any discounts and make sure the contract is flexible enough for your needs. Price comparison websites can be particularly useful for finding the right plan.

Yes, some plans might have extra costs like daily supply fees, which are costs for connecting to the grid and usage charge based on your consumption. There could also be fees for late payments or for getting a paper bill or surcharges for using a credit card. Knowing about these charges helps you pick a plan without surprises.

Green power options involve sourcing electricity from renewable sources like the solar, wind, or hydroelectric power. Plans labeled as “GreenPower” ensure that a portion of your electricity comes from these sustainable sources. Choosing green power helps reduce your carbon footprint and supports the development of renewable energy infrastructure. Some providers offer varying levels of green power, allowing you to choose the percentage that fits your environmental goals.

Prices for electricity and gas in Australia have seen significant fluctuations because of different reasons like demand, supply chain issues, and regulatory changes. For instance, electricity prices surged by 56% in 2022 due to increased fuel costs and network challenges. Gas prices also saw a 44% rise between 2022 and 2023. Keeping an eye on these changes can help you choose a good time to get a new plan.

To save money on your electricity bill, you can try these simple steps:

  • Unplug devices when you are not using them, like your TV or computer.
  • Use apps to check how much electricity you are using so you know where you can use less.
  • Choose energy-efficient devices and lights, which use less electricity.
  • Wash clothes in cold water instead of hot, which saves power.
  • Insulate your home to keep it cool in the summer and warm in the winter without using so much electricity.
  • Compare electricity plans to find the cheapest one for what you need.

Customers' Feedback

Tim Horan
Read More
I have been using this electricity company for more than a year, and it's been great. They have many different plans, including some that use only clean energy, which made it easy for me to pick one that fits what I need and what I can pay. The people who work there are very helpful and always answer my questions quickly. Their website is also easy to use for paying bills and seeing how much electricity I use. I really like this company.
Ashleigh Waldheim
Read More
I care a lot about our planet. So I was happy to find an electricity company that has plans that use only renewable energy. It was easy to switch to their service, and I like how they focus on being green. They don't have any hidden extra costs, and their app lets me see how much energy I am using. This company helps me use less energy that hurts the environment, and they make sure I have the power I need without costing too much.
Indra C Rajaretnam
Read More
Choosing this electricity provider was a great choice for my home. They have excellent customer service that is always quick to help and fix any problems. I also like their rewards program that gives discounts and special offers if you use their service a lot. They have different plans that I can change if I need to, and their prices are good compared to other companies. I really recommend them.
Alexander Filewood
Read More
I am really impressed with this electricity company. They have many different plans to choose from, including some that help the environment by using renewable energy. It's nice to know that by choosing one of these plans, I am helping the planet. They really care about making their customers happy and making it easy to handle my account online. They put a lot of effort into meeting what customers need and protecting the environment.
Janice Butler
Read More
This electricity provider is excellent because of their great customer service and new energy and gas ideas. Signing up was easy and simple and they compare gas plans for my needs. Their online tools are very helpful, letting me easily keep track of how much energy I use and my bills. I also like the programs they have to help the community and the environment. They are reliable, cheap, and good for the planet. This provider is really good in many ways.
Samantha Cook
Read More
I have used them 3 times for my energy related services. They are always good and save me money on my bills and my time looking for an energy provider. Will definitely recommend using them for your energy related needs. They are professional and have good knowledge. They also helped me understand how a smart meter can track my energy usage better.
Andrew Dugan
Read More
We spoke with an agent who found a much cheaper option and, at the same time, gained a few extras. He answered our queries over several days and always rang at agreed times. I can't speak highly enough of Alex for helping us with electricity and gas plans compare. My gas bill is now much lower, thanks to their advice. Best platform to compare energy plans.

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