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Nobody wants to pay extra. We understand and appreciate that as we know every penny counts. Hence, we have an electricity comparison service. You can start with a best-fit plan as per your needs or can also replace your existing plan to save your hard earned money. Save on your energy bills with Connect Market.

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It is not a walk in the park for you to go through numerous plans. That’s why our team of specialists studies your electricity usage carefully and understands your needs. Please note that they compare electricity plans thoroughly and provide you with the most appropriate plan suiting your requirements well.

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You only pay for the plan that you take. Connect Market doesn’t charge you a single penny. Our services are absolutely free for our customers. Yes, that’s true. Cherry on the top is that our team is always there to help and assist you on the suggested plan. Feel free to ask whatever is on your mind and we will help you.

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There are various electricity and gas plans floating in the market. It is quite difficult for you to choose the one that matches all your needs in the best possible way. Hence, we put in those efforts on your behalf, with our extensive database at hand. We get you a plan that best matches your needs.

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Whether you are looking for the cheapest electricity provider for your household or small business, you can always get a matchless quote on our platform. We provide energy plans for everyone.


Electricity Rates or Tariff

In order to cover the cost of generation, transmission, distribution, the interest and depreciation, the salaries of the employees and the target profit of the company; the electricity supply companies have to sell their electricity at a certain price. This rate at which electricity is sold to the consumers to extract this price is called ‘tariff’.
We at Connect Market compare electricity plans having various kinds of tariffs available to see what suits our customers the most.
While finalising the tariff, the companies have to consider different requirements of different kinds of customers. The customers can be domestic, commercial or industrial. This makes the overall process a little intricate. Following are the key factors taken into consideration by the electricity providers while deciding an electricity plan.

Keeping the above points in mind, different kinds of tariffs are created by the companies. They broadly cover all the requirements of various consumer segments.

A Fixed Rate Tariff

In this kind of tariff, the companies apply a fixed rate for each unit of the energy consumed. The price per unit (1 kWh) of electricity is consistent. The rate does not vary as per the time of the day, the time of the year or any other factor. It also does not rest on the quantity of energy used by the consumer. It is also called a single or uniform rate tariff.
The energy customer is placed on a standard tariff. The electricity used by the consumers is registered by regular electricity meters. There is no need for an additional meter or any resources to calculate the electricity consumption.


  • Consumer pays as per their consumption
  • This is the easiest method
  • Simple to understand and apply


  • Usually, the price per unit is on the higher side.
  • There are no attractive offers or incentives run by the suppliers to draw consumers to use more electricity.
  • It is not curated according to the different requirements of various consumers
  • The bill generated is directly proportional to the units consumed. Hence, the supplier cannot charge any money from the customer in a specific month when no electricity is consumed, despite the fact that the connection provided has its own costs.

A Time of Use Tariff

As the name describes, the time of use tariff indicates its distribution of energy rates based on time during which the energy is being consumed. The ‘time’ can be the time of the day as well as the time of the year. The charges are usually divided into three groups; peak, off-peak and shoulder.
In peak time, the demand is highest on the grid. Hence, the rates at which the customer is charged is also more.
Off-peak time is commonly the most economical one for the customers when it comes to this kind of a plan. Though this time is generally during late hours when the population is sleeping.
Shoulder time is the time of moderate use. It is also referred to as mid-peak time. It typically lies between the first two.


  • The Time of Use tariff enhances the chances of a fair planning for the customer.
  • During the off-peak hours, the customer can save a lot of money.
  • It caters well to the different needs of different sets of customers.


  • Sources of renewable energy are limited in this option so far.
  • Customers need to analyse and compare electricity rates thoroughly to take advantage of this plan. They need to understand and schedule on how to use most of the electricity during off-peak time.

A Controlled Load Tariff

A controlled load tariff does not work in isolation. It is an additional tariff in alliance with a fixed rate or a time to use tariff. It refers to an independent price used to measure electricity usage from high- consumption appliances like dishwashers, pool pumps or heating systems.
It is normally charged for limited hours in the day. It calculates the consumption from the selected appliances or devices only. It is also metered separately from the rest of your property.


  • This tariff option pays-off in the long run as it considerably brings down the running cost of the appliances.
  • They allow shifting of the electricity load from the main meter to the add-on meter, hence easing out the functionality of the main network.


  • The plans are curated to provide power to only nominated circuits or devices.
  • They can be used only at a particular time of the day.
  • An initial cost can be borne by the customer to change the meter set-up to support a controlled load tariff.

Frequently Asked Questions

Connect Market is a free comparison service website that compares energy plans. We extend our services to both households and small businesses. Our services are available in various states and territories in Australia. They are New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Tasmania, Australian Capital Territory and South Australia.

We at Connect Market have a very easy process. It takes you just minutes to complete it and get a matchless plan fitting all your needs in the best possible manner. You need to answer a few, very simple questions about your electricity needs. It includes following:

  • Whether you are taking a new plan or want to switch your existing plan.
  • Your location details
  • Your electricity usage details
  • What type of plan are you looking for

It will be a big advantage for you to have your latest electricity bill by your side as this will help you answer some further questions. Else, you can also simply share your bill with our team. They study it and pull out all the required answers. They do the needed electricity compare for you and send you a fitting plan. It is that easy!

We all consume various kinds of energies like gas and electricity. These are inevitable needs for our survival these days. Most households and businesses spend a considerable amount of energy in order to run various appliances and devices.

Spending on the electricity unwisely can cost you an arm and a leg. It is good to be cautious about the money used and avoid unnecessary expenses. You can keep the below listed points in mind and execute them on day-to-day basis to cut down your electricity expenses:

  • Unplug your appliances and devices when not in use
  • Monitor your electricity usage through apps and keep yourself informed about your usage habits
  • Get home energy efficient devices and lighting
  • Wash your clothes with cold water
  • Insulate your home to keep cool in summers and retain heat in winters
  • Compare electricity plans and make a well guided choice

Utilities are our basic requirements that we need to have in place for our house to function. They typically include water, gas and electricity.

Additionally, phone, streaming services, TV, internet, oil, sewage, trash and more are also part of utilities.

If it is your first time in your own house and you need to set up all your utilities on your own, we know it is going to be challenging. Figuring out an apt supplier for each of them is not a walk in the park.

To ease you with this hassle, we at Connect Market help you with the major utilities like gas and electricity. Our team compare electricity and gas plans. They get you a plan that fits your requirements the best. Take help from our trained consultants and get solutions to all your related queries.

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Hayley Clark
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Joe answered all my questions regarding the different plans and deals to my specific needs, which I found was not easy if I had to call all the companies. Their Saff gave me knowledge of the products. Which helped me to choose the right plan for electricity and gas connection.
Samantha Cook
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I have used them 3 times. They are always good and save me money on my bills . Will definitely recommend using them.
Manik Khanna
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Great sales rep good service helped save more then $500 across different services . And special thanks to john who is really good and polite.
Alina Hayes
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Jason Helped me compare my electricity plans .He provided me all the information needed to choose a most suitable one for me. Thanks again guys will use you guys in future.
Andrew dugan
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We spoke with an agent who found a much cheaper option and, at the same time, gained a few extras. He answered our queries over several days and always rang at agreed times. I can't speak highly enough of Alex.