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Best Electricity Plans

Finding the best electricity plan for your business in Australia can be tricky because there are so many options. But don’t worry, we can help make it easier. We compare different plans to find the most suitable one for you. This means you don’t have to spend a lot of time looking at all the choices. We will help you find a plan that matches how much energy your business uses and what you want to achieve, without any hassle.

Benefits of Comparing Business Electricity Plans

Hassle Free

Customized Solutions

Electricity companies have different plans made to fit what different businesses need. By looking at these plans, businesses can find one that suits them best. Maybe even getting special deals or extra perks. For example, some plans might have cheaper prices when it's not busy. Which is great for businesses that can choose at what time they work. This way, you only pay for the electricity you really need, which will help you save money.

Save Money on your Electricity Bill

Cost Savings

When you look at different electricity plans, you can find ways to save money on your bills. Different providers charge different amounts, and some of these might be cheaper. Based on how much electricity your company uses. By choosing a cheaper plan, you can use the money for other important things. Like buying new technology, advertising, or helping your staff learn more. It's good for your business to keep checking different plans to make sure you are not paying too much for your electricity.

Expert Energy Bills

Access to Green Energy Options

Many electricity companies have plans that use energy from the sun or wind. Businesses can pick these green energy plans to help the Earth and show they care about the climate. This also makes customers who like nature happy. And can help businesses get special rewards from the government. Choosing green energy is a smart move for businesses that want to keep our planet healthy for a long time.

Electricity Made Easy

Improved Service and Support

Look at how good the customer service is. Good customer service means getting fast help, reliable support, and clear updates. This helps the company run without any problems. If a business picks a provider known for good customer service, they can fix any issues quickly. Which makes everything work better and avoids wasted time. Good help from these companies makes the business run more smoothly.

What we need to compare business electricity plans for you

We take in your energy usage details to make an effective comparison across various considerable options. You can share your consumption with us via several listed below options.

  • Share the data according to your meter with us
  • E-mail us your latest PDF bill
  • Click a photo of your paper bill and send it across

Types of Business Electricity Plans

Selecting the right electricity plan for your business is important for managing costs. Here’s an overview of the main types of business electricity plans:

Single Rate Plan

A Single Rate Plan is a way to pay the same amount for electricity no matter what time it is. This makes it easy to know how much you will pay every month, which is really helpful for places like stores or small offices that use about the same amount of electricity all the time. It’s simple because the price doesn’t change, so there are no surprises on the bill.

Time-of-Use Plan

It means you pay different amounts for electricity depending on when you use it. During the day when a lot of people are using electricity, it costs more. At night and on weekends, when fewer people need electricity, it costs less. So, if a business does things that use a lot of electricity at night or on weekends, they can save money because the price is lower then.

Controlled Load Plan

A Controlled Load Plan is for companies that use big machines like water heaters or pool pumps. Mostly when other people are not using much electricity, like at night. These machines have their own special meter and get cheaper electricity during those quiet times. This helps the businesses save money because they pay less for the energy they use when fewer people need it.

How do we work?

Finding the best electricity plan is easy. Just follow these three steps:

  • Tell Us What You Need: Let us know how much electricity you use and if you need any special services.
  • We Find a Good Deal for You: We’ll search for an electricity provider that fits what you need and has a good price.
  • Pick Your Plan and Start: Choose the plan you like the most and begin using your new electricity.

Trends in Electricity Business Plans in Australia

In Australia, a lot is changing with how electricity is made and sold. Here’s what’s happening:

Electricity Prices: 

The cost of electricity is going to go up by a lot, about 56% more by 2025. This is because the things needed to make electricity like coal and gas are getting more expensive. 

Renewable Energy

The electricity from sources like the sun, wind, and water is going to make up about 25% of all the electricity used in Australia in 2024. 

Investing in Green Energy

Australia is spending a lot of money, over $110 billion, to make more energy from green energy to improve the systems that deliver electricity.

Battery Storage: 

The amount of energy that can be stored in big batteries is going to nearly double. This helps make sure that even when the sun isn’t shining or the wind isn’t blowing, there’s still enough electricity.

Government Help 

The Australian government is helping this change by providing money and making rules that support using more renewable energy.

Market Changes

The group that makes sure electricity works well in Australia says that some old coal plants will stop working soon. So they need to plan carefully to make sure there’s always enough electricity.

Effects on Businesses

Businesses that use renewable energy are saving money and. This change is also creating new jobs and helping the economy grow.

Electricity Prices in Australia
Electricity Prices in Australia

Frequently Asked Questions

  • To make sure you’re getting a good deal on electricity:
  • Use websites that help compare different companies and their prices.
  • Look at all the costs, even the ones that aren’t clear.
  • Think about how much electricity your business uses and when it uses it. To find the best plan.

In Australia, small businesses use between 15,000 and 30,000 units of electricity each year. How much they use can change a lot. Based on the type of business, how big it is, and how long it’s open each day.

To figure out how much you have to pay for electricity, take how much electricity you used. And multiply it by the cost for each unit from your bill. You also need to add any extra regular charges from your bill.

  • Use machines and devices that don’t need a lot of electricity.
  • Make sure heating and cooling systems are working well and not using too much energy.
  • Turn off things like computers and lights when you’re not using them.
  • Checking how much electricity you use can help find more ways to save.

When picking a company to get electricity from, think about:

  • How much they charge for electricity.
  • How long the contract is and if there are extra costs you didn’t expect.
  • If they are nice to talk to and help customers well.
  • If they use clean energy from things like the sun or wind, which is better for the Earth.

Demand charges are extra fees that a company might have to pay based on the most electricity it uses at one time during the day. This helps the electricity company make sure they have enough power for everyone when it’s needed the most.

  • A few things can make a business use more or less electricity:
  • How big the business is.
  • What kind of machines and equipment they use.
  • How many hours they are open.
  • How well they save energy.
  • Changes in weather or during busy times can also make a difference.

Keeping an eye on how much electricity your business uses and how much it costs is very important. It helps you see where you might be using too much electricity and find ways to use less. This can save money and make sure you’re ready for any changes in energy rules that might affect your business.

Yes, businesses in Australia can change their electricity providers. If they find a better deal or a plan that fits their needs more. It’s a good idea to look at different companies and plans to see if you can save money. Just make sure to understand the contract and any fees for leaving your old company before you switch.

Customers' Feedback

Joset Dresden
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Switching to a new electricity company was really easy with this company. They took care of everything and found a great deal for me. The people were very nice to talk to, and they were clear about everything during the process. I am saving a lot of money on my bills now. I think others should try this service to cut their costs too.
Vivien Bowell
Read More
I had a great time finding a new electricity provider with this company. They were fast and clear in their communication. They made it easy to pick the best plan, and their customer service was always there to help me. I give them five stars.
Simone Russell
Read More
I am really happy with the service. The team was smart, nice, and quick to help me find a good electricity plan. Everything went smoothly, and now I pay less for electricity. I am very thankful for their careful work and how much they care about making customers happy. I really think other people should use their service.
Debbie Glover
Read More
This company has really helped me. I get confused when I try to compare different electricity services, but they did all the work for me and found a great deal. Their customer service was also good, and I trusted their advice. Now, my bill is lower than ever. Thank you.
Andrew Mitcham
Read More
I am so happy with the service. Changing electricity companies seemed scary, but this company made it easy and worry-free. They gave me clear, honest advice and helped me choose a plan that saves me money. The people helping me were friendly and knew a lot. I'm glad I picked them.
Wendy Moussi
Read More
This company made it very easy to switch electricity providers. The people there were helpful, quick to respond, and made sure I understood all my choices. I got a much better deal than I could have on my own. They really focus on helping their customers, and I’m very happy with how things turned out.
Darya Keo
Read More
I had a great time with this company. They worked quickly and were very professional. They made it easy to find a new electricity plan and I am saving money because of it. I really think others should try their service.
Aimee Cox
Read More
I used to not like the idea of changing electricity companies, but this company made it easy. Their team was really nice and answered all my questions. Now, I have a better plan and saving money every month. I am very thankful for their amazing service.
Chiara Troncana
Read More
I am really happy I chose this company to help me change my electricity plan. They made everything simple and easy to understand. Their customer service was great. And they found a plan that suits me perfectly. I am now paying less for my bills and am very happy.
Carryn Kaye
Read More
This company did a great job when I needed to switch electricity plans. They were quick and skilled, and found me a much better deal. The whole process was easy, and their customer service was excellent. I am saving money every month now, and I’m very happy with their help.

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