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Top-Rated Electricity Plans for NSW Residents

Understanding the electricity market in New South Wales can be tricky, but our service makes it easier. Whether you need to start a new electricity service or just want a better deal, we help make everything simple and fast. We help you choose the right plan quickly, so you can save money and get what you need.

Key Considerations for Choosing an Electricity Plan

When picking an electricity plan in NSW, think about a few important things to get the best one for you.

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How Much Electricity You Use

First, find out how much electricity you use. There are two types of plans. Fixed Plan: The price you pay doesn’t change. Variable Plan: The price can go up or down. Look at how much each company charges for the electricity you use every hour to see which plan might be best for you.

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Plan Benefits and Features

Think about what extra things each plan offers. If you care about the environment, pick a plan that uses green energy. Check how long you need to stay with the plan and if there are extra costs if you leave early. Sometimes, if you get your electricity, gas, and internet from the same company, they might give you a special deal.

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Hidden Fees and Extra Costs

Sometimes, there are extra costs with a plan. You might have to pay a small amount every day just for having electricity. There could also be fees when you first sign up or if you switch to another company. It’s a good idea to ask people what they think about the company to make sure they treat their customers well.

Electricity Made Easy

Customer Support

Make sure the company has nice and helpful customer service. You can look online to see what other people say about how the company helps. Good companies are easy to talk to on the phone, by email, or on their website chat. They should also let you easily check your account online. Good customer service is important because it helps fix problems, gives you information, and makes things easier.

NSW Energy Distributors Overview

There are three large companies in New South Wales (NSW) that make sure electricity gets to your house or business. These companies are

  • Ausgrid is in charge of the area around Sydney, including places to the north like Newcastle and some inland areas.
  • Endeavour Energy serves: 
  • Sydney western areas including some parts of the Blue Mountains, the Illawarra, and parts of the south coast.
  • Essential Energy takes care of the countryside and regional areas in NSW, and even some parts of southern Queensland.

They repair the broken lines and restore power to your home. They even fix some of the costs but do not send out your power bill or fix the wiring in the house.

Top Electricity Companies in NSW

OVO Energy

OVO Energy helps people use energy in their homes. They care a lot about keeping the Earth clean and offer special plans to help with this.

Here are the different plans they have:

  • Simpler Energy: The cost changes a bit every few months.
  • 1 Year Fixed: You pay the same amount for a whole year.
  • 1 Year Fixed + Boiler Cover: You pay the same amount for a year and also get help if your boiler breaks.
  • 1 Year Fixed + Greener Electricity: You pay the same for a year, and all the electricity is made from things that don’t harm the Earth, like the wind or the sun.
  • 2 Year Fixed: You pay the same amount for two whole years.
  • 2 Year Fixed + Heating Control: You pay the same for two years and get a gadget that helps control your heating better.

They also have some cool extras:

  • You can get special tickets to see shows or events.
  • If you use less energy, you get rewards.
  • Every year, they plant a million trees to help the environment.

Origin Energy

Origin Energy is a company in Australia that helps people use energy in their homes. They have different plans that can match what different families need.

Here are the plans they offer:

  • Go Variable: This plan is easy on the wallet and gives you points you can use for rewards.
  • Solar Boost: This plan is great for houses that have solar panels to make their own electricity.
  • Origin Go: You can change your plan anytime you want, and there’s no contract that locks you in.
  • Origin Max Saver: If you use more of their services together, like electricity and gas, you get a discount.
  • GreenPower: This plan only uses energy from clean sources like wind or sun.

They also have special things like:

  • You save money when you get more than one type of service from them.
  • They give you special treats and points for staying with them.
  • If you have solar panels, they have special plans just for you.

Dodo Power & Gas

Dodo Power & Gas is a company that gives you different choices for how to pay for your electricity and gas:

The plans they offer are:

  • Market Offer: You see exactly what you have to pay, with no surprises.
  • Simple Saver: A simple plan that saves you money.
  • Green Energy Plan: Helps use energy from the sun and wind.
  • Fixed Saver: The price doesn’t change for a whole year.
  • Prepaid Plan: You pay for your energy before you use it, like a piggy bank.

Special features:

  • Simple, easy-to-understand energy plans.
  • Competitive prices without complicated discounts.


AGL is a big company in Australia that also lets you pay for your electricity and gas in different ways.

Some of the plans they offer:

  • Value Saver: Saves you money and gives little bonuses.
  • Solar Savers: Great if your house uses energy from the sun.
  • Essential Saver: A simple plan for important needs.
  • AGL Seniors: Special prices if you are an older person.
  • Green Energy Plan: Uses energy from things like wind and sunshine.

Special offers:

  • Offers a variety of plans for different needs.
  • Has been providing energy for a long time.
  • Focuses a lot on solar energy solutions.


EnergyAustralia is a company that lets you choose how you want to pay for your electricity, and you can also help the environment with some of their plans:

  • Rate Fix Plan: You pay the same amount for a whole year, and you get a $100 gift when you sign up.
  • Flexi Saver: You can pay different amounts, and you don’t have to stay for a long time if you don’t want to.
  • Solar Home Plan: This plan is best if you have solar panels on your roof.
  • Everyday Saver: A plan that saves you money and gives you little rewards.
  • GreenPower: This plan uses energy from things like the sun and wind, and it’s all about helping the planet.

Here are some cool things about EnergyAustralia:

  • They really support using clean energy from nature.
  • Have different plans so you can find one that fits what you need.
  • They care a lot about the environment and like to give back to their customers.

Gas Providers in NSW

  1. Jemena: Jemena one of the largest state gas companies. Their services stretch across the state from Sydney to Newcastle, all urban, and their services extend to the far reaches of their area. It is your business premise or your home that is connected with gas.
  2. APA Group: APA Group is the owner of the gas supply chain that makes sure there is enough gas in the supply chain to take care of homes and businesses in Tamworth.
  3. Australian Gas Networks: Over a region that spans Albury, Wagga Wagga, part of Queensland, and all the way up to South Australia. Australian Gas Networks stand trusted to manage the functioning of the complicated gas line network and other infrastructures for effective usage of this very essential commodity in the region.
  4. Evoenergy Gas: This guarantees the supply of gas to the people living in ACT and the adjacent areas of NSW. They guarantee that gas is available from the area.

These special companies are special among all for the good prices and caring environment. First, think about which one is the most important for you and your family.


How Do We Work to Compare Electricity and Gas in NSW

Selecting the right electricity plan in Adelaide can be a bit tricky. Here’s how we make it easier:

  1. Share Your Energy Needs: Tell us how much energy you use. Say if you want a new plan or to change your old one, and if you need extra things like solar panels.
  2. Find the Right Provider: We help you find a cheap electricity providers NSW for your needs and budget.
  3. Finalise and Connect: Check the plan we suggest. If you like it, we help you sign up with the new provider.

Latest Trends in Brisbane Electricity Costs

Changes in Prices (2019 to 2024):

  • From 2019 to 2021: The amount of money people had to pay for electricity in NSW went down because the way they got electricity to homes got better and there was plenty of it.
  • After 2021: The prices started to go up again. This happened because more people needed electricity and there were big problems in the world like the COVID-19 sickness and arguments between countries like Russia and Ukraine.

Prices in 2024:

  • In 2024, families in NSW are expected to pay about AUD 1,800 a year for electricity. 
  • This is more expensive because it costs more to make electricity and there are new rules about how much it should cost.

Why Prices Change So Much:

  • Electricity prices can go up and down a lot. Sometimes, when it’s very hot and everyone is using their air conditioners, the price can jump up a lot because everyone wants more electricity at the same time.

Rules and Costs:

  • There’s a rule called the Default Market Offer (DMO) in NSW that helps keep electricity prices fair. It makes sure people don’t pay too much if they haven’t chosen a special plan.

Understanding Wholesale Market Trends:

  • The price of electricity that companies pay before they sell it to us also changes. It depends on how much clean energy like solar and wind is available and how much other types of fuel cost. 
  • In early 2024, the wholesale price was AUD 120 for each big unit of electricity. More solar and wind energy might change this price too.
Electricity Prices in NSW
Electricity Prices in NSW

Practical Tips for Reducing Electricity Bills in NSW

By doing these things, you can use less electricity, which is good for our planet and saves money on your bills.

Frequently Asked Questions

First contact an electricity company. Give them your new address, the date you’re moving in, and some identification details. Then, choose an electricity plan that fits what you need. The company will organize everything for you. They’ll tell the electricity distributor to turn on your power. This might take a few days to arrange, so it’s good to plan ahead. Sometimes, you might need someone to be at home on the day they turn on the electricity. But if you need it done faster, you can ask if they offer a same-day service for an extra fee.

Demand charges are extra costs on your electricity bill that come from using a lot of electricity all at once during busy times. Like late afternoons when many people are using electricity. If you use a lot of power at one time, your bill might be higher because of these charges. To help keep your bill lower, try to use less electricity during these busy times.

To make paying your electricity bill easy, you can set up automatic payments. This means that the money for the bill will be taken out of your bank account automatically when it’s time to pay. Just go to your electricity provider’s website or call their customer service, give them your bank details, and tell them you want to pay this way. Make sure you always have enough money in your account on the due date so you don’t get any extra fees for not having enough money to cover the bill.

Talk to the company that gives you electricity if you need more time to pay your bill. They might let you pay little by little or help you if you’re having a tough time. You can also ask for help from places that give advice on money or from groups that help people pay their bills.

If you think something is wrong with your electricity meter, like if the numbers look strange or it’s not working, tell your electricity company. They will send someone to check it and fix it if there’s a problem. It’s important to make sure your meter works right so your bill is correct and everything is safe.

Electricity bills usually come every three months, but you can ask to pay every month instead. Paying monthly can make it easier to handle smaller payments rather than one big one every three months. Pick the way to pay that works best for you.

There are two kinds of electricity deals. A standing offer is the basic plan with fixed rules and might cost more. A market offer is a special deal that might have lower prices and better choices. Look at both to see which one saves you the most money.

Some electricity companies give you a discount if you pay your bill on time. Ask your electricity company if they have this kind of discount. It can help you save money if you always pay your bill when it’s due.

Talk to your electricity company about different plans they have, based on how much electricity you use. If you find a better plan with another company, make sure you won’t have to pay extra to leave your current plan. Once you pick a new plan, your electricity company will change it for you, and it will start with your next bill. Check your bills to make sure the change happened.

It’s important to take care of your electrical stuff at home, like lights and appliances. If something stops working, tell your electricity company right away. You might want to use special plugs that protect your stuff from sudden power changes and have a backup battery for important things. If your electricity might go out because they’re fixing something, your company will let you know. Having a backup generator is also a good idea if the power goes out for a long time.

Solar feed-in tariffs (FiTs) pay you for the extra electricity your solar panels make and send back to the power grid. Different providers might pay you different amounts. Make sure your solar panels are properly set up and connected to the grid. When they work right, you’ll see a credit on your electricity bill that lowers what you owe.

If you want to stop your electricity plan early, you might have to pay a fee, depending on your contract. Always check with your electricity company about any fees before you decide to switch to another company. Make sure you line up the dates so you always have power during the switch. Looking at new offers can help you find a better deal without extra costs.

You can also ask your electricity company about plans that help the environment. These plans might include carbon offsets, which means the company does something good for the environment to make up for the pollution your electricity use causes. These plans are called green or eco-friendly.

To keep track of how much electricity you’re using, you can install a smart meter or use a smart plug. This device shows you how much electricity you use as it’s being used. You can also use online tools and apps from your electricity provider. These tools give you detailed reports and show your usage patterns. Which can help you figure out how to use less electricity. Always check your electricity bills and compare them with your past usage to see if you’re using more or less. You can also use devices like in-home displays that give you real-time feedback on your electricity use. This helps you understand and manage your electricity usage better, which can save you money and is better for the environment.

Customers' Feedback
Jodie Vella
Read More
I moved to NSW not long ago and tried a new electricity company. They don't charge a lot, and talking to them was super easy. It made moving feel a lot smoother. Not perfect, but really helpful.
Charlotte Crowley
Read More
My new electricity company has switched to me, and it is awesome. It sets me up really super easily, and I mean the people working there have been superbly helpful. If you want to save some money and have good vibes at it, then this is the way to go.
Naomi Darcy
Read More
I was a bit nervous about switching electricity companies at first, but wow, am I ever glad I did. The service is awesome, and I am saving a ton of money. Plus, they are friendly and make everything easy.
Sheryl Dominy
Read More
Moving is daunting, especially trying to work out your bills. But this electricity company made it so much easier. They are really friendly, not overly expensive, and make you feel welcome. It made coming to NSW just that little bit easier.
Read More
I had never thought to change, but the money, really, it's worth. First time, the service was pretty good, although it had a few little problems. Overall, I'm really glad I changed.
Chuck Zhang
Read More
This is an amazing electricity company. Ever since I came over to NSW, my bill is way low, and the kind of people working there is nice. Definitely a good choice.
Melissa Winfield Priestley
Read More
I had moved recently and switched to another electricity provider. It was a very wise decision on my part. Honestly, I have saved money really, and they genuinely take care to help their customers. Not perfect, but they really put the effort into it, and that most matters.
Adam Morrow
Read More
Changing to this new electricity provider was smart. My bills are lower, and working with their team is easy. There are a few problems, but overall, it's been good.
Brett Hansen
Read More
I was doubtful about changing electricity companies at first. But now, I see my bills are lower and their service is good, I'm happy I did it. They could be a bit better in some areas, though.
Suzan D
Read More
I changed to a new electricity provider in NSW, and it was really easy. I found a plan that saves me money every month, and the people at the company were very helpful. Now, I pay less for my electricity and everything works great. I think other people should try this company too if they want to save money.
Andy Clarke
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Switching to a new electricity provider was simple. They helped me compare electricity providers NSW and changing to the new service was easy without any problems. I'm really happy because my bills are lower now, and the people at the company were very nice. It was a great choice, and I'm glad I switched.
Angelica Rose
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I had a good time changing my electricity provider. The company made it easy for me to look at different plans and pick the best one for me. The customer service was really good, and they made sure everything went smoothly. Now, saving a lot of money on my electricity bills.
Peter Lawrence
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I changed to a new electricity company and it was a really good decision. The people there were helpful and made everything easy. Now, my electricity bills are lower, and everything works really well. I definitely recommend this company if you are thinking of changing too.
Daniel Nelson
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I recently changed my electricity company and I am so happy I did. The whole process was quick and simple, and I found a plan that made my bills much cheaper. The customer service was excellent, helping me with every step. Now, I am saving money and getting great service. I really recommend them.
Adam John Spinks
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Changing to a new provider was really smooth and easy. The company helped me pick the best plan, and switching over was no trouble at all. The customer support was wonderful and made sure everything went perfectly. My bills are lower and I am very satisfied with the service.
Connor Bampton
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I changed to a new provider for my electricity, and it was a great choice. They made everything easy and found me a cheap electricity providers NSW. The people there were really nice and helped me every step of the way. I am paying less for electricity and everything's working great. I think other people should try this company too.

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