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Looking for the best electricity plans

Electricity is an important utility that powers our homes and offices. Also, the cost of electricity is a considerable expense. Selecting the right electricity plan from the best energy company can really save you your hard earned money.

We at Connect Market understand that everyone has different energy requirements. Similarly, all the energy providers are good in different areas. Even the best electricity supplier has their own set of benefits and limitations.

When we talk about electricity plans, there is no ‘one-size fits all’. In Australia, there are numerous kinds of energy plans available in the market catering to the needs of a variety of people. Below, we explain various kinds of electricity plans in detail including whether they are suitable for you or not.

Fixed rate electricity plans

Looking for the best electricity plans

A plan that charges a fixed rate for the electricity used is called the flat rate plan. It is a basic plan and its rate does not change according to the time of the day, season or any other factor.

It is ideal for you if you are looking for stability and predictability in your electricity bills. Both the novice and the best power supplier in the deregulated market will provide you with this plan, if you do not want to go for fluctuating rates.

You might be a household or a small business owner, this kind of plan can bring certainty to your energy bill till the time you aim to have them. This is one of the best electricity plans in Australia. One downside is that you cannot change the rates in the middle of your contract, or else, you might have to pay exit fees.

Best Electricity Company for best plans

The Time-of-Use Plan

This is one of the most widely used electricity plans in Australia. As the name suggests, the Time-of-Use plan has different rates of electricity according to different times of the day or year. The rates change depending on the hour or season of usage. There are peak hours and off-peak hours on which the rates fluctuate. 

Early morning hours and overnight hours are off-peak hours during which the rates are lower. During these hours, the consumption of electricity is comparatively lower. On the other hand, late afternoon or early evening are the peak hours during which the mass energy usage and rates both go higher.

This plan is one of the best electricity plans for you if you can use most of your energy at night or early morning. This way, you can save a good amount of money on your electricity bill.

Controlled Load Plan

In the Controlled Load plan, a special type of electricity rate/tariff is applied to high energy appliances. Examples of high energy appliances are hot water systems or slab, underfloor heating and cooling systems. These appliances are separately metered on lower energy prices. This is because these machines usually operate oversize during off-peak hours.

Appliances under controlled load do not require continuous power. Hence, it allows the service provider to shift the electricity load. This in turn reduces high demand on the network. It is one of the best electricity plans for you if you have such appliances.

Controlled Load can show on your bill as a ‘dedicated circuit’. In different regions, it is named under different tariff numbers. Some energy retailers also have eligibility criteria that need to be fulfilled to procure controlled load plans. This usually includes voltage connection, consumption, availability of metering point and more.

best electricity supplier with solar option
Solar Feed-In Tariff Plan

This plan is focussed on electricity generated from solar power. The payment is made to the solar panel owners who generate the solar energy. If you are a solar panel owner, you can sell your extra produced electricity back to the grid. You can operate like a tiny power station and earn money for your electricity at the feed-in tariff rate.

This kind of scheme is developed to promote the investment in solar power generation. The idea of providing price certainty and long-term contracts to renewable energy investors is often encouraged. The producers are at times also offered performance based incentives, so that they maximise their output and efficiency. 

All the support is given to such initiatives so that the idea of clean and green energy becomes unusual. This kind of a plan is now favoured amongst both new and the best power company.

Time-of-Use Solar Plan

Keeping in mind the mechanics of power generation, solar systems produce maximum electricity when the sun is at its peak. These are mid-day and afternoon times in particular.

This is one of the best electricity plans for the customers with solar panels. The working of the plan is similar to the time-of-use plan. During evenings, the time-of-use rates are skyrocketing as the power generation is quite less. Whereas, during the day time, the production of the power is very high.

However, for maximum benefit people with solar panels store the generated solar energy with battery storage or net metering. Then, they use this electricity later. You can optimise your savings in the long run with the help of this plan. Also, if you are someone who is concerned about the environment, this is a good option for you.

best energy company with green energy plans
Green Energy Plan

As the name suggests, the Green Energy Plan uses electricity generated from renewable sources. In most of the cases, these sources are wind or solar power. In the era of growing awareness on green resources, both new and the best electricity suppliers are working to provide this plan.

This is a carbon neutral energy, which means it has no carbon emissions. The source of this energy (wind, water and sun) are not dependent on any other resource like fossil fuels. They are naturally replenished. Hence, it does not cause any direct or indirect harm to our enviornment. 

Green energy is important as it restores negative effects of fossil fuels with more environmentally safe options. They also play an important role in reducing global warming. If you are a planet loving person, green energy plans are a definite choice for you.

Choose the best electricity company for yourself

Different companies offer different plans. We know that a single company or plan cannot meet the needs of any diverse population like Australia’s. Hence, there are a lot of options floating in the market. 

Choosing the best electricity company is very important for you as this will impact your household’s energy expenses and your overall experience with your electricity provider. Below are few important factors to be considered while selecting the best electricity supplier for yourself.

  • Rates
  • Plans
  • Customer Service

At Connect Market, we offer comparison services to our consumers without any charges. After going through multiple choices, we get you a plan from the best electricity company that meets all your needs efficiently.

Areas where we get you the best power company

Most Aussie households want to save maximum on their power consumption. Since this is a considerable expenditure, a good plan from the best power supplier can really make the difference in your monthly bills.

We at Connect Market, offer our consumers various online tools and advice. This will help you make an informed choice and find the best electricity supplier to meet your power needs. Regions where we serve in Australia are as follows.

  • New South Wales (NSW)
  • Victoria
  • South Australia (SA)
  • Queensland
  • Australian Capital Territory (ACT)

If you are looking for the best energy company in any of the above locations, simply give us your details. We get you a plan from some of the best electricity plans available, which will meet all your needs.

How do we work?

At Connect Market, we work with multiple gas and electricity providers. We align you with the best energy provider according to your requirements in three simple steps.

Best energy plans

Familiarise us with your energy needs

We find you best plan

We get you a vetted energy provider to match your needs

Finalise provider
Finalise the plan and get connected with the supplier

Customers' Feedback

Matt Roscholler
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Connect Market is one of the best paltfrom if you are looking for the best energy deals in your area. They compare costs, features, and reviews to pick the best company. Connect Market offers professional customer support, billing, and payments. I liked Connect Market’s one-day energy provider. My energy bills dropped.
John Linton
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I found customer service really good. I put up a enquiry got a call and they explained me all available plans and help me choose the right one for my energy needs.
Simon Propert
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A few months ago, get the first new Energy connection in Melbourne with the help of Connect Market, and I’m really happy with their service. They make comparing and switching energy providers effortless and always have great deals and discounts. I’ve saved a lot of money on my bills thanks to them. They also have friendly and helpful customer…
Joanne Waters
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I just moved to a new apartment. They helped me to get my electricity connected with energy australia with a good plan.
Maxine Heihei
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I have used my new electricity connection for a few months and am very satisfied with their service. Connect market offers a variety of options for energy providers, plans and rates, making it easy to compare and switch. Their customer service is also very responsive and helpful. I would recommend Cannect Market to anyone looking for a reliable…
Afifa Akbar
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They helped me to switch to a new plan . Great service, easy and simple which helped me to save money on my energy usage.

Frequently Asked Questions

As a consumer, you should define your priorities well. This will influence the plan you finalise and will go a long way in providing you the satisfaction you are looking for.

  • Electricity Usage – If you consume a lot of electricity, a fixed-rate plan from the best electricity company may fit well for you. On the other hand, a variable plan might be good if your usage varies.
  • Location – Depending on your location, you may have the best energy company for a particular kind of plan/usage. This may change as the place changes.
  • Budget – People looking for predictable bills can opt for a fixed-rate plan and vice versa.
  • Climatic conditions – Extreme temperatures can call for heating or cooling systems in which controlled load plans might be needed. On the other hand, this may not be required for moderate weather.
  • Green Energy – If your priority is to reduce your carbon footprints, the best power company for you will be the one offering a great eco-friendly plan.

At Connect Market, customer satisfaction is our top-most priority. We work according to your needs. This is why we ask for your energy requirements before getting to you with a well-fitted plan. 


We ensure to deliver you the best power supplier which can meet all your needs effectively. We have good online tools and an amazing customer service team which helps us to serve you in the best possible manner. Also, we don’t charge you a single penny for our services.


Connect Market gets you amazing energy plans. We also provide you information about various energy options and the energy market as a whole. This can help you understand more about your preferences. Since you have reached so far, enjoy services from the best power company with us. Share your details now.

A carbon footprint measures the amount of greenhouse gases produced by an individual, company or an activity. The primary gas taken into account is CO2 (carbon dioxide).

The carbon footprint is calculated according to the emissions we create while doing a certain activity. We all produce certain carbon emissions when we use energy. Some examples of our daily activities that produce these emissions are:

  • Burning gasoline while driving
  • Using gas when cooking
  • Using electricity generated from coal, oil and natural gas when using air conditioner, washing machine and more

This increases our carbon footprint. Today we have greener substitutes for all above mentioned activities and more. Some options for lessening your carbon footprint are reducing waste, using renewable energy sources, adopting sustainable practices, using energy-efficient appliances and more.

If you also want to decrease your carbon footprints, get a suitable plan from the best energy company with us at Connect Market.