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Currently available in NSW, ACT, SA, VIC, parts of QLD, TAS & WA (only Gas). Not available in Ergon Area (QLD), NT and embedded networks or non-quotable meters.

Connect Market is a one-stop solution for all your energy related needs. When you think of your energy requirement (like gas and electricity), simply think of Connect Market. We have skills and expertise to connect you with an energy provider that can offer you a fulfilling plan. 

At Connect Market, we take your energy usage details and forward them to a company that can meet your needs efficiently. Once you have shared your specs, you receive a suitable plan from this service provider. The plan will have tariffs as per your mentioned needs.

Markets We Serve

In Australia, there are certain markets which are regulated by the government. And, then there are others which have private players. These are known as deregulated markets. 

Deregulated markets are flooded by multiple private players. Each of them have several plans with different tariffs. Every plan comes with its own set of benefits. Hence, they cater to various needs of distinct individuals. 

For you as a consumer, it is quite difficult to select a plan that can meet your needs effectively. Hence, we help you with the same. Connect Market has a team of experts. Our experts are aware of these multiple plans. They are also skilled to get you an apt plan as per your shared details. This helps you save time, save your hard earned money and have a better plan with ease.

If you need energy service providers in any of the below mentioned markets, you need not go beyond us. Share your details now to get yourself aligned with a good plan.

  • New South Wales (NSW)
  • Victoria
  • South Australia (SA)
  • Queensland
  • Australian Capital Territory (ACT)

Our Vision

At Connect Market, our vision is to empower individuals and businesses with dependable and sustainable energy solutions. These solutions are the plans that we get you to meet your needs competently. 

We strive to be the leading provider of gas and electricity plans in the markets we cater to. We work towards delivering exceptional service and unique offerings to meet the diverse energy needs of our customers.

Customer centric approach and sustainable energy solutions are the key pillars of our vision. We envision a future where energy is not merely a utility but a catalyst for positive change. 

We invite you to build a bright energy future with us in which everyone has access to hassle-free energy solutions that enrich our lives.

Our Mission

To provide you with comprehensive and reliable energy plans is our mission at Connect Market. We look forward to meeting the diverse energy needs of individuals and businesses. At the same time, we also want to master sustainability and foster positive change in the energy sector. 

With our commitment to customer satisfaction and social responsibility, we target to be your trusted partner providing hassle free energy plans. Innovation is our driving force. It helps us to serve you better. 

By living our mission, we are committed to make a positive change in the energy sector. This will impact the environment, lives of our consumers and the communities we serve in a progressive way.