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Why Choose Connect Market?

We aim to provide Australian residents with energy plans that best-fit their requirements. We have numerous energy retailers in our pool with multiple plans to match your needs.

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Hassle Free Process

No need to go through various plans to close the finest one for you. Simply give us your energy details in less than 2 minutes. We do the rest.

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100% Free Consultation

We identify what you want and guide you on a one-on-one basis on your plan. On top of that, we don’t charge you a single penny!

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Expert Energy Bill Specialists

Our Energy experts do all the legwork for you, so that you can minimise your gas and electricity bills as well as maximise your savings.

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Trained Consultants

You can talk to our team of trained consultants through our call centre. Tell them what you want in your energy plans. They will get a suitable plan for you.

How Do We Work?

At Connect Market, we work with multiple gas and electricity providers. We align you with the best energy provider according to your requirements in three simple steps.

Best energy plans

Familiarise us with your energy needs

We find you best plan

We get you a vetted energy provider to match your needs

Finalise provider

Finalise the plan and get connected with the supplier


Our Vision

We want to help people in Australia choose the ideal energy plan because there are so many options, and it can be really confusing. Sometimes, people might even be paying too much without realising it. We do all the hard work to find a great energy plan that fits what you need and doesn’t cost too much.

Need to Compare Energy Providers Plans

There are many options floating in the market when it comes to selecting the right energy plan according to your needs. Multiple service providers offer different plans, rates and contract duration to the customers. 

For you, as a consumer, it gets very confusing to understand which plan might work the best for you. Hence, we at Connect Market, save you from this confusion by getting you a suitable plan according to your needs.

Whether you are looking for a new plan or you need to switch from your existing plan, comparing various options always helps. This ensures the following: 

  • You are not paying more than needed for the energy being consumed. 
  • According to your requirements, the opted plan is the best one that you should go for.

Timely evaluation of your energy plans can make a big difference in your pockets as well as the way you consume energy.

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Customers' Feedback

Margaret A
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I had very honest advice from their team. They have good and helpful customer service. Got very good plan in comparison to my old plan. Very happy and definitely will give 5 star rating to Connect Market. I might use them again in future for my energy needs. Highly recommended!
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I was moving to a new place. And I had little idea about the energy providers in this region. When I contacted Connect Market, they were very helpful. They not just got me a suitable plan, they also got it to me at a very competitive price according to the market. I am extremely glad with their services. And, I would like to annually review my plan with them.
Shelley L.
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The customer service staff at Connect Market is very friendly and supportive. I contacted them to change my current electricity plan. The executive guided me well. I was presented with a plan that provided me with a better deal. And, I readily went for it.

Energy Providers FAQs

You just need 2 minutes to give all your required energy details on our website. Call us if you are more of a talking person. Our tele-consultants will be more than happy to take your details and guide you further.

Renewable energy is a sustainable form of energy. Commonly known sources for the same are sun and wind.

  • It comes with significant benefits:
    It is the cheapest source of energy in history.
  • It produces ZERO greenhouse gas emissions.
  • It reduces your carbon footprint.
  • The renewable energy generation process uses less water.
  • It reduces harmful air pollutants.

Regulated energy market in Australia is a system in which the state or state-owned retailers set regulated energy prices. These systems can hold monopolies on energy supplies. Western Australia and Northern Territory are examples for regulated energy markets.
On the contrary, deregulated markets allow utility companies to own and maintain the transmission infrastructure and distribute electricity. Here, the retailers compete to supply and sell electricity and gas to customers. They are also known as competitive markets.

No, there is not any standard plan or energy provider that might fit all. On the other hand, to accommodate the needs of a variety of people, there is an array of options available. Connect Market helps you find a suitable plan for yourself which best-fits your needs.

A practice that includes balancing one’s carbon emissions is called carbon offsetting. This can be done by investing in projects that reduce or eliminate carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere.

By investing in such projects, an individual or a company can possibly neutralise their own carbon emissions. Different ways people undertake to do the same are:

  • Supporting reforestation to aboard carton dioxide
  • Investing in organic agricultural activities
  • Contributing in projects that build wind turbines to produce clean energy

Using carbon offsetting as a tool to minimise the impact of current emissions, one should always make efforts to switch to cleaner sources of energy.

The advanced electricity distribution network that optimises the supply and demand of electricity by the use of digital technology and communication systems is called smart-grid.

It enables the system to use a mix of energy sources and helps in better management of energy supplies.

The households and small businesses that install eligible solar panels get solar rebates. This rebate is known as the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES).

There are more sources of electricity than ever before. Below, we explain the key ones briefly:

  • Fossil fuel – Fossils fuels are non-renewable sources of energy like coal, oil and natural gas. They are burnt to generate electricity in the power plants.
  • Renewable Sources – As the name suggests, these sources can be easily replenished. They are solar, hydro, wind, biomass and geothermal. They convert natural energies which are available in abundance in nature, into electricity.
  • Nuclear energy – The nuclear power plants produce steam by the process of nuclear fission, which in turn is converted into electricity.

The kind of energy source used to generate electricity can affect our environment in a big way. Fossil fuels and nuclear power have high carbon emissions. Whereas, renewable sources of energy have considerably lower ecological impact. It is wise that consumers always set their priorities on what they want and get their energy sources accordingly.

Connect Market network of best and cheap energy providers.

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Energy Markets Where We Serve

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The Australian energy market is divided into regulated and deregulated markets. Since, deregulated market provides its consumers with multiple choices, we bring our services here. This helps you select the best plan for your needs in below mentioned areas.

  • New South Wales (NSW)
  • Victoria
  • South Australia (SA)
  • Queensland
  • Australian Capital Territory (ACT)